Benefits of Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

At my plastic surgery practice in Walnut Creek, a number of women have come to see me for breast augmentation revision surgery after receiving implants elsewhere. Women may choose breast revision surgery for personal reasons or for medical reasons. Typically, I recommend revision surgery if:

  • Complications with the current breast implants arise. Women who are experiencing capsular contracture (scar formation around the implant), skin rippling, implant rupture or other issues will need breast augmentation revision to correct these problems. These types of complications make surgery more challenging, which is why it’s important to choose a highly skilled and well-trained surgeon.
  • The patient wants to change her implant style or size. Personal preference is another reason why a woman may want to change her breast implants. I often have patients come to see me because they want bigger or smaller implants, or they want to change from saline to silicone implants, or vice versa.
  • Results of the original surgery were not aesthetically desirable. When a woman is not happy with the look of her initial breast augmentation, she can choose breast revision surgery to achieve a more attractive result. Pregnancy, weight change and aging can also have effects on the appearance of the breasts, which may lead to some women needing a second surgery.

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