Does TV Reflect the Realities of Plastic Surgery

Television teaches us a lot about our culture and societal values, but unfortunately it sometimes paints an inaccurate picture of plastic surgery in Austin. My patients often tell me about TV shows they’ve seen that feature “plastic surgery gone wrong.” While there are undoubtedly instances of poor surgical outcomes, those featured on television are the over-the-top extremes.

It’s important to remember that television producers work in the entertainment business. A network’s livelihood depends on its ability to draw an audience. Real success stories of plastic surgery would never be broadcasted because they are not extreme or bizarre. Only the most outrageous cases are shown, because they capture and hold our attention – and that’s what makes a show profitable.

An experienced plastic surgeon is able to avoid the “overly done” look we so frequently see on TV. Additionally, a trustworthy surgeon would not operate on an individual who is not a good candidate for surgery. I have seen many patients on television who are quite obviously addicted to cosmetic enhancement, and therefore, not suitable for surgery. Had that individual consulted with an ethical surgeon, she would have been turned away.

Around the world, as well as here in Austin, plastic surgery has transformed thousands of peoples’ lives. To get a more realistic idea of what plastic surgery can accomplish, schedule a consultation with a reputable surgeon and ask to see before-and-after photos of real patients. This will give you a much more accurate idea of what to expect.

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