Beautiful after Baby: 2 Questions to Help Make Your New Look Your Best Look

Breast Enlargement in Houston After Pregnancy

As a mother, I understand what it’s like to see your body change after childbirth, but as a plastic surgeon I also know that few women are lucky enough to be able regain their pre-baby look with diet and exercise alone. The rest of us generally need a little help, which is a big reason why procedures like breast enlargement and liposuction in Houston are so popular with moms.

At my Houston plastic surgery offices, I meet with many mothers who want a little help in these areas because they are not seeing satisfying results despite plenty of effort toward “normal” body reshaping methods – but are not sure where to start.

Here are 2 questions to help you find your own answers to what plastic surgery procedures may be right for you:

1 – Which areas have changed – and how – after my pregnancy?

A good plastic surgeon will be able to walk the patient through the process of assessing her shape and exploring her options, but you can prepare for this discussion by looking at how your body has changed over the years.

Key questions:

  • What were my trouble spots before pregnancy?
  • When I compare photos of me before and after childbirth, which changes do I notice? Which ones seem most important to me?
  • What do the family traits that I see in my mother and / or sisters with children suggest about how my post-pregnancy body will continue to change over time?

2 – Which changes most affect my self-confidence and daily life?

For most patients, the “obvious” problem – excess abdominal skin or flat breasts, for example – might be the most important, but personal factors can make a big difference. A woman who had larger, very shapely breasts before pregnancy may place different values on breast enlargement and Houston liposuction than a very athletic woman who has lived most of her life with a perfectly flat tummy.

Key questions:

  • Which characteristics do I feel are most important to my identity as a woman?
  • Has my new shape changed the way I feel wearing clothes and meeting new people? How?
  • Have these changes made me feel more limited in my physical activities?

Your surgeon will have more questions for you, but thinking through your motivations and priorities beforehand will definitely help you plan for more reasonable, focused goals and – ultimately – better results from your Houston plastic surgery.

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