Plan Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

Satisfying results from Seattle breast augmentations depend to a large extent on the surgeon’s skill, but the patient can play a significant role in their surgery’s success. When you take steps to plan ahead for your procedure and your recovery, you are putting yourself in the best position possible to enjoy a quick and comfortable recovery and achieve satisfying results.

Below I have listed a few points for you to consider as you learn more about the surgical process and plan your recovery from breast enhancement in Seattle:


  • Create a calm and relaxing space in the area where you plan to begin your recovery. Many of my patients are younger, hardworking mothers who find it a bit difficult to achieve an entirely calm, relaxed environment, but I can assure you that peace of mind during your recovery is well worth the time it takes to plan for a little extra comfort and quiet.


  • Take it slow. While your doctor can give you a date by which you should be able to get back to normal activities, and when you should be able to return to strenuous activities like exercise, each person’s body heals at a different recovery rate and you should pay careful attention to what you feel you can and cannot do. During this time it is very important to find someone who can help you around the house, especially if you have children.
  • Recovery often involves some modest changes in your daily routine. Most physicians recommend that you wear a particular type of post-sugical bra for 4-6 weeks following surgery until you are initially healed. Occasionally you may be instructed to massage your implant to achieve a certain look. Your enhanced breasts, like the rest of your body, will need care in order to maintain a pleasing shape over time.
  • Plan things to do. You will need rest and plenty of relaxation during your Seattle breast enhancement recovery, but you still need to keep moving to maintain healthy circulation and keep yourself in a positive frame of mind. Brief walks or light household tasks can help loosen up your body, encourage the healing process, and free your mind to think about other things besides recovery.


  • Be aware that your breast shape will continue to change during the recovery process. Depending on the surgical approach and the type of implant used in your Seattle breast augmentation, your breasts may at first seem very high, very firm, or overly large. As the swelling subsides and your implants “settle” into position, you will begin to see a much more natural curve. Be patient during recovery and don’t expect your breasts to look “perfect” immediately after surgery – that is an impossible standard. While I strive for perfection in every procedure I perform, keep in mind that augmented breasts, like natural breasts, will differ in subtle ways from each other.

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