Picturing Breast Enhancement: The Value of Photo Galleries

Albany, NY plastic surgeon talks about the value of photo galleries when picturing your breast augmentation.

One of the best ways a patient interested in breast enhancement can get satisfying results is to show her plastic surgeon pictures of the look she wants. During consultations, I often point patients to my breast augmentation photo gallery of past Albany-area patients who got breast implants so we can look over photos together and discuss things that stand out.

Women who want cosmetic breast surgery, whether it’s augmentation, a breast lift, or breast reduction, can usually picture in their minds how they want the final results to look. One of the goals of a consultation is to ensure the plastic surgeon understands the picture in the patient’s mind, which can sometimes be hard to articulate. Some patients want more upper pole fullness, for example, but may not know exactly how to describe that look.

When patients browse images in my photo gallery, they see how results differ based on body size, even when 2 patients have the same sized breast implants. Another advantage of having potential patients look at a photo gallery is that they can point out results that they don’t want — which can be equally valuable information.

Ultimately, an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who listens closely to a patient’s description of her desired appearance, combined with photographic examples, usually gets excellent results that the patient loves.

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