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Revision Rhinoplasty: Special Concerns

Both primary and revision rhinoplasty patients should be on the lookout for surgeons who demonstrate an exceptional level of skill, but for revision patients this can be particularly important. As a facial plastic surgeon who focuses specifically on revision rhinoplasty procedures in Toronto, I can tell you that while primary and secondary rhinoplasty have the same goals, surgeons who regularly…

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High-Tech Liposuction: Laser versus Ultrasonic Approaches

Seattle plastic surgery patients who are looking into liposuction for the first time may be confused by their options. The latest high-tech Seattle liposuction options use laser or ultrasound energy to destroy fat cells, and may allow for a faster recovery. While both of these approaches can be effective for typical trouble spots such as the belly, hips, thighs, and…

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Your Abdominoplasty Outcome: Form and Function

Board-certified plastic surgeons have special training in creating results that not only look right but also function appropriately in relation to the rest of your body. This is particularly important for cosmetic procedures that can affect essential functions like breathing (rhinoplasty) or a patient”s range of motion. For instance, because a tummy tuck involves re-tightening the abdominal muscles, many of…

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"eBay" Breast Implants

Recently I have heard about a few online sellers who have been offering breast implants for sale through the popular online auction site eBay. A couple months ago, two silicone implants from the 1970s were listed with an opening bid of $25, and more recently I saw another set, this time two 300cc silicone sample implants with an opening bid…

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Plan Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

Satisfying results from Seattle breast augmentations depend to a large extent on the surgeon’s skill, but the patient can play a significant role in their surgery’s success. When you take steps to plan ahead for your procedure and your recovery, you are putting yourself in the best position possible to enjoy a quick and comfortable recovery and achieve satisfying results.…

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