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Adjustable Breast Implants on Long Island: Pros and Cons

Sizing is one of the most important decisions that patients who are considering breast implants on Long Island have to make, but a new type of adjustable implant might help patients take some of the “guesswork” out of their choice by letting them add or subtract a little volume after surgery. In most cases a cosmetic breast surgery patient on…

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Breast Enlargement: Is Bigger Better?

Women who are deciding on breast enlargement in Manhattan Beach or Long Beach want a more attractive breast shape and the increased self assurance that brings. Often, women think of their breast enhancement goals in terms of size only, but there are actually many more considerations to take into account. 1. Establish How You Want to Look – Not How…

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The Big 3: Top Causes of Belly Flab

A flat tummy is an important goal for many women and men trying to tone up for summer, but unfortunately for many, a stubbornly “flabby” belly can impede self-confidence and restrict their enjoyment of their favorite activities. Belly flab has a variety of causes, so if your current tummy-flattening attempts do not seem effective, it may be time to take…

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Having Cosmetic Surgery in a Hospital vs. “On-Site” Procedures

Men and women considering cosmetic surgery in New York including rhinoplasty, breast augmentation or liposuction have more options than ever before. But with so many options these days, how do you ensure that you will receive satisfying results? Obviously, your surgeon’s certifications, training and experience are the biggest indicators of good results. But many other factors contribute to a quality…

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Louisville Breast Augmentation: Your Recovery Timeline

Recovery is a different process for each Louisville breast enhancement or augmentation patient, but after they have settled on an implant type and surgical approach, most women want to know how soon they can return to everyday activities. No patient should expect to follow a “typical” recovery exactly, but here is a very general time frame for breast augmentation recovery…

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