Revision Breast Enlargement in Orange County

Secondary breast augmentation is a complex and technically demanding procedure, but it is also an art. Here are a few of the many factors that I typically need to address in an Orange County revision breast enlargement procedure, and ways you can help prevent those problems from recurring with your breast implants.

Restoring Symmetry

Although breast asymmetry has many different causes, Orange County plastic surgery also offers a number of ways to address this concern. For implants that have become imbalanced due to breastfeeding, mastopexy (breast lift) is a popular solution, and for implants that have shifted position over time, implant replacement is typically the most effective option.

Correcting Capsular Contracture

Orange County breast enlargement patients will develop a bit of scar tissue around their implants, and normally this is thin enough not to be seen or felt. In some instances, however, it can thicken and create an uncomfortable “capsule” around the implant.

Surgeons today know more about the causes of capsular contracture than they used to, and many now offer surgical techniques and suggested recovery activities that help prevent this problem. When capsular contracture occurs, it is typically necessary to remove both the implant and the surrounding scar tissue to create the desired breast appearance. Because this second surgery requires the doctor to remove some breast tissue, the implants will generally need to be replaced with slightly larger ones. Sizing is very important to this process, as the surgeon will need to evaluate the breast shape very carefully during surgery to ensure a balanced result.

What to Focus On:

Before you meet with your surgeon at a plastic surgery center in Orange County, you should have in mind some specific questions to ask to make sure you get a good idea of whether the surgeon is right for you. Ask about:

  • Experience and training: Where and for how long did your surgeon train? Ask about board certification, specifically, and find out how long your surgeon has been performing breast enhancements.
  • Options: You should leave your surgeon’s office feeling that you not only know what options are available, but why a given approach makes sense for your shape.
  • Good reputation: Some surgeons offer ways for new patients to connect with other women who have already received breast enlargement from their offices. Touch base with them to find out what their experience was like.

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