Environment vs. Genetics: Address the Right Factors

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Not all facial signs of aging have the same causes, and not all of these characteristics can be addressed in the same ways. Today, surgeons performing Orange County plastic and cosmetic surgery have a whole repertoire of techniques to enhance the look of the face, but in order to create good results, they still need to be able to assess the causes of these characteristics accurately.

Environment vs. Genetics: What We Know

Recently, the journal Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery published a study illustrating some striking differences between the facial aging patterns of twins. Although both twins are genetically identical, and should show the same genetic aging patterns, in each pair the twin who had experienced additional environmental stressors such as divorce looked significantly older than the one who had not.

While unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking and practicing poor nutrition can cause the facial tissues to degenerate sooner, studies like this show that stressful experiences and extended emotional strain can affect a person’s appearance in ways that are visibly very damaging, and actually outweigh the effects of genetic tendencies to age well or poorly.

To me, this study’s results underscore a few important facts that patients choosing facial cosmetic surgery in Orange County need to keep in mind when they are planning procedures like a face lift.

  • Surgical experience and judgment are extremely important. Stress and natural aging patterns both make us look older, but the effects differ somewhat between the two, so your surgeon needs to be able to identify accurately which factors are at work in your appearance. Stress, for example, causes tissues to degenerate in different ways, and affects specific muscle groups more than others, so for your best results, you need to choose a surgeon who has the experience to tell the difference.
  • Taking a long-term perspective on your procedure can lengthen how long your procedure will last: A face lift is not a “permanent” procedure. Your face will continue to age even after surgery, but you have some control over how much aging occurs. These study results suggest that for longer-lasting results, patients should value not only the healing process, but also examine their long-term lifestyle and try to normalize levels of stress and anxiety.

With so many options available today, there are thousands of possible approaches to choose from, and the more we know about how our facial structures change over time through studies like this one, the more accurately we will be able to improve and enhance our appearance at any age.

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