Benefits of Open Rhinoplasty for Nasal Tip Reshaping

Although I use both open and closed approaches when I perform a nose job in Chicago, I find that the open approach (when appropriate) offers many benefits for tip reshaping, such as:

  • It allows for reshaping while retaining a strong nasal structure.

Open rhinoplasty allows me to reshape the cartilage using non-destructive techniques such as grafts and sutures. This helps the new nose retain its shape by providing a strong support system that can withstand the push and pull of scar tissue.

  • It provides more access to cartilage and bone.

In open rhinoplasty, a small incision is made in the columella (the strip of skin that divides the nostrils). This exposes the cartilage structure of the lower nose and therefore allows for more precise nasal shaping.

  • It offers greater visibility during surgery.

Using open rhinoplasty, I am better able to visualize the underlying nasal structures. This reduces the possibility of error since I am able to see exactly what needs to be done. Furthermore, I can alter the nasal shape with more control than is possible with closed rhinoplasty.

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