Frequently Asked Questions about a Nose Job

One of the true pleasures as a board-certified facial plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist is helping patients understand precisely what is involved in different procedures, such as a nose job in Toronto. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive about rhinoplasty:

  • Question: I am interested in a nose job because I have problems breathing, and my general care physician suggested I consult with a specialist. Can a nose job really help?

Answer: Yes, it is often the case that breathing problems may be related to your internal nasal structures. Nose surgery can correct these types of structural abnormalities. It is essential to meet with a qualified surgeon who has experience performing rhinoplasty and can evaluate your own unique anatomy and situation.

  • Question: My 9-year-old daughter has a very large, crooked nose. The other children make fun of her. Is she too young for a nose job?

Answer: I truly understand and appreciate your concern. However, because children are still growing, I advise parents to wait until the nose is completely developed. By age 14 or 15, teenagers usually have attained that stage of development and the nose is not likely to change further during adolescence. I do perform rhinoplasties for people in this age range who are appropriate candidates.

  • Question: I have been dissatisfied with my face for years – it’s not just my nose, though. My nose is too large, but my chin seems too small. Is it possible that both these problems could be improved with cosmetic surgery?

Answer: When I evaluate patients for rhinoplasty surgery, I evaluate not just your nose. I also examine the quality of your skin, the size and shape of your nose currently, and the shape of your face. In some cases, chin augmentation can offer a way to achieve a balanced, beautifully shaped face.

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