Having Cosmetic Surgery in a Hospital vs. “On-Site” Procedures

New York Rhinoplasty

Men and women considering cosmetic surgery in New York including rhinoplasty, breast augmentation or liposuction have more options than ever before. But with so many options these days, how do you ensure that you will receive satisfying results? Obviously, your surgeon’s certifications, training and experience are the biggest indicators of good results. But many other factors contribute to a quality outcome. For instance, a practice’s choice of surgical facilities can play a role in your quality of care and even impact your surgical results.

Hospitals vs. “On-Site” Surgical Procedures: What to Look For

Some nose surgery doctors in New York offer patients a choice between a hospital or a private-facility surgery center, but many others will perform procedures solely from their own “on-site” facilities. Each of these surgical venues has its own pluses and minuses which a patient should weigh carefully.

Surgery centers offer greater convenience and increased privacy over the hospital setting. However, just because surgery centers can offer safe, reliable procedures does not mean they always do. A few questions to help you understand how your doctor’s surgery center measures up:

  • Is the facility accredited by the Joint Commission? This independent, impartial national organization evaluates facility safety and patient care practices according to specific standards. Rhinoplasty facilities in New York City that are accredited by the Joint Commission are held directly and publicly accountable for their procedure practices, allowing you to know whether a practice is taking the appropriate steps to minimize surgical risk.
  • How is anesthesia managed? Anesthesia is an area in which qualifications can vary widely; look for a surgeon who works with a board-certified MD anesthesiologist, who can help ensure the highest quality of care.
  • Does the surgeon have hospital privileges? Complications for cosmetic surgery procedures such as nose surgery in New York are very uncommon, but a qualified surgeon will still safeguard his or her patients by maintaining surgical privileges at a local hospital.

The Bottom Line:

When you research cosmetic surgeons, training and experience still top the list of absolutely necessary criteria to consider. However, once you have narrowed your search to qualified surgeons, you will do yourself a favor to verify that your surgeon and his or her staff hold themselves accountable to clear, validated safety standards and can prove that they can offer the level of care that you deserve in the surgical environment that makes the most sense for your needs.

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