Quick Comment: 10-Minute “Nose Jobs”

10-minute New York nose jobs

You’ve probably seen some ads around for 10-minute “nose jobs.” I’m not a fan of injectable nose jobs in the first place, but what really strikes me about these ads is the time frame. A super-fast turnaround sounds great to busy New York City “nose job” patients, but “fast” doesn’t necessarily mean “effective.”

Surgical rhinoplasty makes permanent changes to the structure and shape of the nose, while “injectable nose jobs” are really just about filling in or plumping up certain areas. They’re really not helpful for people who find their nose too large or crooked, which is a significant proportion of rhinoplasty patients.

While the “quick fix” idea is always in style, the fact remains that injectable nose jobs create only moderate changes and can improve the appearance of only a small number of patients. In addition, a significant proportion of people considering cosmetic nose surgery also have a functional concern such as breathing difficulties which will not be addressed through the use of an injectable alone.

I’ve performed well over 6,000 surgical rhinoplasties personally, I think it’s still important to take a little “extra” time with the patient to make sure I understand their needs properly. Whether you’re talking about injectables or a legitimate New York nose job, aesthetic enhancement isn’t something you should rush into.

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