Advantages of Short-Scar Facelifts

Short Scar Options for New Orleans Facelift

If you’re considering a facelift, you might have heard some plastic surgeons mention “short-scar” facelifts. With so many surgeons offering different types of “mini” facelifts (some more worthwhile than others), many patients aren’t very clear about the advantages that this approach offers.

Traditional vs. Short-Scar Facelifts: The Basics

A traditional facelift corrects typical signs of aging such as wrinkles, folds, sagging skin and facial muscles by either removing or repositioning the loose tissues that are causing these problems. In some cases a full facelift will also include adjustments to the neck tissues and the facial fat “pads” at the same time.

A short-scar facelift limits the procedure to create fewer or less-extensive changes, allowing the surgeon to accomplish many of the key adjustments included in a normal facelift, through incisions that are much smaller.

What This Approach Offers:

For the patient, the biggest difference between these procedures is that with the New Orleans short-scar facelift, recovery is much more rapid and comfortable. Additional advantages:

  • Scars are smaller and heal faster because the incisions are smaller
  • Postoperative swelling is less extensive and fades more quickly
  • For younger patients the minimal approach avoids unnecessary, premature adjustments
  • Depending on your surgeon’s technique, results with the short-scar lift can look subtler and much more natural

Unlike some mini facelifts, the short scar lift I use is a genuine facelift, and corrects both superficial and deeper loose tissues. If you are thinking of a more dramatic change, this procedure is probably not your best option just because I don’t re-drape the muscles quite as extensively as I would in the full facelift. However, for the right patient that “limitation” can also be a benefit because it means the results tend to look more gentle and natural. If you are thinking of a New Orleans facial plastic surgery such as the short-scar facelift, I would encourage you to discuss it in detail with your doctor and decide for yourself whether it seems like the right option for you.

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