Neck Lift without a Face Lift?

Unfortunately, facial aging rarely stands alone. Chances are, if you’re seeing the signs of aging on your face, you’re seeing them elsewhere too. For this reason, I often perform a neck lift in conjunction with a face lift for my San Jose area patients. As another contributor on this blog explains in his post on combined face and neck lifts, a neck lift is usually performed at the same time as a face lift either for convenience or in the interest of “completeness” (achieving comprehensive results).

Although it may sound like a neck lift is strictly ancillary to a face lift, this is not entirely accurate. Neck lift procedures can be performed alone and, for some patients, can achieve significant improvement without the need for a face lift.

When a Neck Lift Takes Center Stage

You may benefit from a neck lift without a face lift if:

  • You have significant fat deposits on your chin and neck. This may be the case for some younger patients who would simply like to look slimmer. These young men and women don’t need a face lift because they’re not trying to take years off their appearance.
  • You are bothered by loose, sagging skin under your chin.
  • “Neck bands” have appeared due to separated neck muscles.

How a Neck Lift Is Performed

There are two methods that can be used to accomplish a neck lift:

  • Liposuction. This method is used when a patient’s skin is tight and elastic, most frequently for younger patients trying to achieve a slimmer look.
  • Traditional neck lift (submentoplasty). This method uses an incision hidden beneath the chin to remove excess skin or fat, tighten remaining tissue, and mend separated neck muscles.

These techniques are often combined, depending on each person’s unique anatomy and goals.

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