A Closer Look at Eye Rejuvenation

Learn about eyelid surgery from Naples facelift surgeon.

Everyone wants wider, more alert-looking eyes, but as we age the delicate tissues around our eyes sometimes show too much wear, too quickly. Cosmetic Surgery Times recently discussed a multi-step approach to eye revitalization surgeries, but while these strategies are helpful for Naples facial plastic surgery procedures on the lower lids, I think a more thorough discussion of upper eyelid blepharoplasty is needed for men and women who want to achieve comprehensive rejuvenation of the eyelid area.

What Eyelid Rejuvenation Aims to Accomplish

The article in Cosmetic Surgery Times outlined one surgeon’s take on the “Four Rs” of eyelid rejuvenation:

  • Remove excess skin
  • Reinforce surrounding tissue structures
  • Resurface and relax the remaining skin to improve its quality
  • Refill deflated areas

While these Rs provide a helpful framework for Naples facial plastic surgery procedures, I think they should be expanded to focus on other ways your eye appearance can be transformed to look brighter and livelier.

Your eyes are unique. Your eyelids” tone and structure quality, and the extent of their wear over the years, are not exactly like anyone else”s. At the same time, a tired, older look is generally the result of a combination of factors:

  • Muscle-related wrinkles
  • Loss or redistribution of volume due to age and lifestyle
  • Thinning, sagging skin
  • Worsening texture, color, and tone due to age and sun exposure

Naples Plastic Surgery for the Eyes

A skilled Naples plastic surgeon will work with you to address these factors for long-lasting rejuvenation. As the face ages, fat, collagen, and other support structures that keep your skin firm and elastic start to break down, which can contribute to pouching and sagging around the eyes. While pouches below the eyes can contribute to an aged appearance, lower-eyelid surgery is rarely a complete solution.

Often, sagging forehead skin will cause the skin of the upper eyelid to be pushed down or hidden, creating a dull, sleepy appearance. In some cases, brow lift surgery alone will give some improvement in the look of the upper eyelids, though for many of my patients I combine brow lift and upper eyelid surgery for a completely refreshed look that draws more attention to the eye itself.

The eyes are a sensitive area that tell a lot about your unique personality and life history, and as such they require a delicate, sensitive approach both technically and aesthetically. At my Naples plastic surgery practice, I apply this philosophy in order to address holistically the real causes of an aged eye appearance and help you achieve a more fully rejuvenated look.

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