My “Worth It” Rating for Revision Rhinoplasty

My "Worth It" Rating for Revision Rhinoplasty

I have seen many patients come into my practice in Toronto in need of rhinoplasty to correct problems remaining or resulting from a previous nose surgery. Here are a couple of questions to consider when it comes to revision rhinoplasty:

Can my nose be fixed?

I haven’t seen a case yet in which follow-up surgery couldn’t improve structural or cosmetic problems. Correcting issues created by another surgeon increases the complexity of an already-complex procedure, though. So while the problem can most likely be improved upon, that leads us to the next question …

Is revision rhinoplasty worth it?

In my experience, most patients would say it is. You have to answer that question for yourself, though, and make a decision based on your personal expectations and your doctor’s advice. Is the issue serious enough to you that you’re willing to go through surgery and recovery again, potentially with a longer period of postoperative care?

Although revision rhinoplasty is a proven and effective solution for many patients, the “worth it” rating will be different for each patient based on his or her problems before and after the primary surgery. My website shows cases (with before-and-after photos) in which patients felt revision rhinoplasty was worth it, and their results were much improved.

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