The Many Benefits of Mouth Guards

The Many Benefits of Mouth Guards

One of my best tips as a cosmetic dentist is to tell my San Diego patients to consider using a mouth guard. These simple devices can protect against a range of problems, including:

  • Sports injuries

Those who participate in contact or non-contact sports should wear a mouth guard to prevent injury to the teeth and gums. Such activities may include football, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, skateboarding, hockey, and others. Mouth guards not only protect the teeth, but they also prevent damage to the mouth and jaw. We also have professional athletes who explain that mouth guards can actually improve performance.

  • Teeth grinding at night

People who grind their teeth are at risk for a number of complications, including tooth loss, gum recession, and jaw pain. Wearing a mouth guard at night prevents tooth grinding by creating a cushion between the teeth. Most of my patients who grind their teeth prefer to wear a custom-made mouth guard at night because it is more comfortable.

  • Migraines

Clenching and grinding the teeth has also been shown to cause migraines in some people. Mouth guards help ease the tension and pressure by making grinding and clenching impossible. Some people who perpetually clench their teeth may need to wear a mouth guard during the day also.

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