Mommy Makeover? What About the Daddies?

Mommy Makeover? What About the Daddies?

The Mommy Makeover, or a combination of procedures done all at once to restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy body, has become very popular in recent years at my Bay Area cosmetic surgery practice. Also on the rise, though, has been the number of men getting aesthetic procedures. Although men do not have to worry about the effects of pregnancy on their bodies, they do have a lot of common concerns about aging.

There are a number of reasons men are getting more cosmetic surgery to look younger. Sometimes it’s to stay competitive in the business world, as men are working later in life. Some men say their appearance on social networks made them first consider a procedure. And I’ve heard from some men that, as the average age for first-time fathers increases, more men are deciding on plastic surgery to keep them looking younger for their kids. Maybe this is the new “Daddy Makeover.” There are many options when it comes to cosmetic enhancement for men:

  • Liposuction and body contouring: Men retain elasticity in their skin longer than women, so liposuction and other body contouring options are excellent choices for men of a wide range of ages, helping them keep a vital, youthful silhouette.
  • Facial surgery: Age generally softens the facial features, and for men that can mean losing the defined jaw and cheekbones that contribute to a masculine appearance. Facelift surgery or even facial implants can help. Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is also among the most popular procedures for older men and women because it’s a relatively easy option that can take years off the face and make patients look more alert.
  • Non-surgical procedures: BOTOX® Cosmetic injections and other non-surgical skin treatments that reduce wrinkles and age spots are becoming more and more popular among men. Patients of both sexes love their affordability and lack of downtime.

If you’re a new father and you want to rejuvenate your appearance and look younger for your kids, you should consider cosmetic enhancement. It may not make keeping up with the little ones any easier, but you’ll look good while you try.

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