Mommy Makeovers Gaining Popularity

After giving birth, many women feel that their bodies don’t retain the same youthful contour they once were accustomed to. A number of women in Marietta turn to breast augmentation, but a new trend known as Mommy Makeovers is gaining popularity due to the procedure’s ability to enhance multiple areas at once.

Mommy Makeovers typically include some form of breast enhancement procedure, a tummy tuck, and in some cases, liposuction. The combination of these procedures helps women bounce back after pregnancy.

One of the most significant aspects of any Mommy Makeover is breast enhancement. For many women, this means combining a breast augmentation with a breast lift. In general, breast lifts create a more youthful appearance by removing excess skin and reshaping and elevating the breast tissue and nipple. When combined with breast augmentation, these procedures can effectively restore a woman’s breast shape and size.

Tummy tucks are a great tool for women that have experienced recent weight loss, but new mothers turn to this procedure when they want to remove the excess skin and repair lax muscles that cause sagging of the lower abdomen. Some surgeons will also recommend liposuction to complement a tummy tuck, or to enhance other areas of the body.

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