Modeling Surgical Results on the Runway

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I have been a cosmetic surgeon on Staten Island for a long time, and each year, there’s always lots of buzz about New York Fashion Week happening just across the bay. This year, plastic surgery was on display as a surgeon let his patients walk the runway to show off their results while images of their before-and-after photos flashed on a screen. It wasn’t a typical fashion show, but it’s a clear sign that the perception of plastic surgery has shifted to be less stigmatized and a little more in style.

As more and more people in recent years have decided to improve their appearance with plastic surgery, it’s become less taboo and more commonly accepted. The perception that plastic surgery is about “fixing” faults has changed to one that embraces an individual’s choice to enhance his or her appearance. It’s no surprise that when patients are surveyed, the majority are not only satisfied with their results, but they wish they had done it sooner.

One of the best things to come from the shifting perception is the realization that plastic surgery is transformative and empowering. It gives people the choice to boost their self-esteem and body confidence. For one person, that might mean getting rhinoplasty to make their nose more proportional to the rest of their facial features, and to another it might mean breast augmentation to achieve a more shapely and feminine figure.

The real beauty of the women and men who strutted on the runway during this show wasn’t the clothes they were wearing, but that they felt empowered by their results and were excited to show them off. Read more about the show in Cosmopolitan.

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