Mini or Traditional? Choosing the Right Tummy Tuck Type

For men and women considering a tummy tuck in Seattle, I offer two types: mini and traditional. How do you know which is right for you?

Here are the differences between the two types:

  • Most of us gain a few pounds – or lose a few pounds – during the course of our lives, and our bodies usually adjust to those weight fluctuations. For some, though, no amount of exercise or diet can correct the sagging, bulges and tummy pooch that may result. In such cases, if the excess skin and fat are only in the lower portion of the abdomen, I can perform a mini tummy tuck. Because this procedure requires a shorter incision and leaves the belly button intact, the recovery time is shorter.
  • Transitions such as significant weight loss or pregnancy can result in lax abdominal muscles, excess fat deposits and loose skin throughout the midsection. In such cases, a traditional tummy tuck is most appropriate. Although this procedure is more extensive, involving an incision from hip to hip and sometimes re-positioning the belly button, it’s the best way to achieve that firm, flat stomach we all want.

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