Med Spa Safety

Med Spa Safety

It seems as though there is a med spa on every corner in Denver, where I practice, and in a lot of major metropolitan areas. How do you choose? And more importantly, how do you ensure your safety? Here are a few guidelines to consider when looking for a med spa:

  • Look for a facility that is overseen by a board-certified plastic surgeon. I, along with my partner, Dr. Steven Vath, am the medical director of Rejuvenate! We are hands-on medical directors and at least one of us is always within 30 minutes of either of our Denver-area med spas. Choosing a practice with this kind of direct supervision ensures you are in qualified hands.
  • Make sure the person performing your procedure is trained, licensed, and experienced. For instance, at our facility, we set a very high standard for all clinicians we bring on to our team. We require a minimum level of training and also require that all personnel treating patients participate in continuing education courses and training on a quarterly basis.
  • Ask about the equipment, such as lasers, that are used. Don’t necessarily look for the “latest and greatest” technology. At Rejuvenate!, we offer treatments that are proven to be safe and effective. We do keep up to date with new machines and techniques, but we bring them into our practice only after we have researched them fully. Good doctors find a balance between tried-and-true and innovative techniques.

If you follow these criteria, you should have a short list of med spas from which to choose.

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