The Skinny on "Lipo" Terms

Las Vegas liposuction for the back and flank area

Liposuction is an effective body contouring method that can create a remarkably slimmer contour – while it”s not a substitute for diet and exercise, the procedure can help get rid of those stubborn areas of unwanted fat. As you research your procedure, you may have come across many different lipo terms, and many of my patients considering liposuction in Las Vegas want to know more about the terminology.

Terms Explained

    • Liposuction: A procedure that destroys and removes fat cells from the body. In addition to tumescent liposuction, surgeons offer many procedure variations such as ultrasonic-assisted liposuction (UAL) and power-assisted liposuction (PAL). Occasionally, you may hear liposuction referred to as lipoplasty or suction-assisted lipectomy.


    • Lipolysis: A medical term describing the process of breaking down stored fat so that it can be eliminated by the body. Because the fat cells do not need to be suctioned from the body, a smaller surgical instrument can be used, meaning a quicker and more comfortable recovery is possible. However, this approach is not ideal for larger-volume fat removal and results will be seen gradually as the body naturally removes the dead cells.


    • Liposculpture: This is not a medical term, but is used by some surgeons to express the artistic skill needed to achieve a smooth and sculpted body contouring result. If a surgeon recommends liposculpture for you, ask additional questions about the exact technique he or she plans to use.


  • LipoSelection®: An ultrasonic form of liposuction, LipoSelection is a trademarked term used by the manufacturers of the VASER® Lipo system. VASER uses high frequency vibrations that rupture and break up targeted fat cells. This selective process minimizes the damage to surrounding tissue and reduces Las Vegas liposuction recovery time.

Understand Your Options

I”ve found that the needs of every Las Vegas liposuction patient are a little bit different. The location and size of the body area you want to address, as well your weight and skin elasticity, can affect the extent of your results. Be sure to get specifics on the type of liposuction your surgeon performs. For example, I perform liposuction using tumescent, super-wet, or ultrasonic techniques. This variety of techniques helps me personalize procedures to meet specific patient needs and achieve their desired results.

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