Lower or Traditional Face Lift?

You can make better face lift choices if you understand your options. Often, patients who are just starting to look into facial plastic surgery in Toronto will assume that all face lifts work the same way. Both traditional and lower face lift are designed to help you look younger by minimizing the appearance of loose, sagging skin, but they have different objectives and offer different benefits. I”d like to outline these procedures briefly to help clarify which one may be right for you.

Traditional Face Lift

This procedure”s focus: the mid-face area

Depending on the surgeon”s technique and surgical approach, as well as the layout and condition of your facial tissues, this procedure can help minimize the look of loose skin at the jaw line and below the eyes.

How it works:

Most traditional face lift approaches require an incision just behind the hairline, along the side of your face and close to the ear. Your Toronto face lift surgeon will lift the loose skin and reposition loose facial muscles that have started to sag. After securing these muscles in a more elevated position, the surgeon will tighten the skin, remove excess tissue, and secure the skin in place using tiny stitches.

At my practice, in some cases I combine a face lift with fat-removal techniques to help eliminate isolated patches of fat near the jaw or chin. This technique can yield particularly satisfying results for my patients.

Right for you if:

  • You have loose, wrinkled skin appearing mainly in the mid-face area, especially near the mouth and nose
  • You notice obvious facial creases near the nose and mouth that deepen when you smile or frown
  • Loose fat and skin near your jaw line is only mild to moderate

Lower Face Lift

This procedure”s focus: the chin and neck area

Lower face lift tends to have some visible effects on the lower-cheek area, but it focuses more on the chin and neck than on the nasolabial folds or the upper cheeks. A smoother, more defined jawline is the main goal of this procedure.

How it works:

This procedure can vary widely depending on the surgeon and the patient, so be sure to ask your Toronto face lift surgeon how he or she would approach your case, specifically. In general, the surgeon will eliminate excess fat through liposuction, remove sagging loose skin, and in some cases reposition muscular “neck bands” to ensure a smooth result.

Right for you if:

  • You have excess skin and fat that forms a “wattle” under the chin
  • Your neck skin is wrinkled or has a banded appearance
  • Noticeable sagging creating “jowls” at the sides of your mouth and chin
  • You have folds running from the sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth that are a product of loose skin / tissue

As always, the best way to determine which type of face lift procedure will be best to address your cosmetic concerns is to schedule a visit with a facial plastic surgeon near you, who can evaluate your facial features and offer you a professional recommendation.

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