Louisville Breast Augmentation: Your Recovery Timeline

Louisville, KY Breast Augmentation Recovery

Recovery is a different process for each Louisville breast enhancement or augmentation patient, but after they have settled on an implant type and surgical approach, most women want to know how soon they can return to everyday activities. No patient should expect to follow a “typical” recovery exactly, but here is a very general time frame for breast augmentation recovery to help you develop specific questions to ask your surgeon as you plan your procedure.

A few days: If your Louisville plastic surgeon is using the latest techniques, you should be able to shower within three to five days of your procedure. Within the first few days some breast augmentation patients also are comfortable doing a few very light household tasks, though most doctors recommend that they wait a little longer in order to allow their muscles to heal more fully.

Week 1: About a week after surgery most women are ready to return to the workplace, though they may be away from the job longer if it is physically demanding. If your surgeon recommends a massage regimen, this will typically begin within the one or two weeks of surgery. Many of my patients also switch from prescription pain relief to over-the-counter medication during the first week. Most women are ready to start driving again by this point.

Weeks 2-3: Some patients are able to stop wearing their surgical bra during the day as early as the second or third week, though depending on the size of your breasts and your healing progress you may need to continue with the support bra for as many as 8 weeks. Most plastic surgeons in the Louisville area typically will recommend that patients continue to wear the support bra at night for an extended period to help keep the breasts from sagging.

Weeks 4-5: By the fifth week, any lingering “tingliness” should be almost or completely gone. Because each patient”s nervous system operates a little differently, some patients will continue to experience this sensation from time to time even after healing, while some patients will not experience it at all. Continued massage will help the breast implants settle into a natural-looking position.

Weeks 6-7: Most Louisville breast augmentation patients are able to get back into their full pre-procedure workout routine at this point. Gentle exercise can begin as early as the first week (moderate activities such as walking actually help the recovery process), but more strenuous workouts should be delayed until the muscles are thoroughly healed. Women who have not yet returned to wearing a “normal” bra during the day should feel comfortable doing so by this point.

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