2 Tips for Shapelier Liposuction Results in Houston

Liposuction in Houston

Healthy liposuction should enhance – not “erase” your shape.

When I meet with Houston liposuction patients to discuss their goals for their procedure, most of them are concerned with “getting rid of” certain problem areas. Realistically, this is the starting point for most plastic surgery patients, but while a good plastic surgeon will identify problems compassionately and honestly, the main focus always needs to be on enhancing the patient’s naturally positive features.

Know Which Curves Work for You – and Which Don’t

For a patient to be happy with her results, both she and her Houston plastic surgeon need to have a clear idea of which aspects of her shape are most appealing and which ones could use some work.

For example: A woman whose family and culture tends to see curvier shapes as more attractive might want to focus her liposuction procedure more on smoothing out “lumpy” areas and emphasizing firmer, clean-lined curves rather than on creating a very “slim” look.

Unfortunately, surgeons and plastic surgery patients who do not take some time to touch base on this area tend to find that their procedures fall short of the ideal both were aiming for.

What to do: Take the time before your consultation to figure out in specific terms what you do and don’t like about your appearance, and what you feel characterizes your form uniquely.

Choose Minimal Approaches that Complement a Healthy Lifestyle

Body shapes can sometimes create the illusion that a certain area is very large, heavy, lumpy, or imbalanced, when in reality small adjustments to another area may be all that is necessary to present that “problem spot” in a more positive way.

A good liposuction surgeon will have the experience and sensitivity to assess your shape accurately and recommend only what is necessary and appropriate for you to achieve the balance you want.

For example: Small fat pockets above the buttocks can make even “perky,” well-shaped buttocks look flat and saggy, and in some cases I can correct this problem using a lipousuction alternative – Lipo-dissolve.

What to do: Find a surgeon who focuses on means to enhance your appearance in ways that emphasize your best features – rather than simply substituting your best characteristics for a “one size fits all” ideal.

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