A Lesson in Lasers

Did you know that not all laser skin resurfacing in Toronto achieves the same results? Technology is constantly changing, so many outdated laser procedures are still widely available. These treatments often require more downtime and produce less impressive results than newer approaches.

At my practice, I use a modern, sophisticated, skin-resurfacing laser called Fraxel®. This advanced procedure combines the best of ablative and non-ablative laser techniques for results that are significant and long-lasting, but with fewer side effects than traditional ablative laser resurfacing devices.

About Fraxel:

Unlike traditional ablative lasers, which vaporize the outer layers of the skin, Fraxel affects only a portion of the skin’s surface. Because only a fraction of the skin is disturbed, there is less redness and swelling and the recovery time is shorter. However, the results from Fraxel resurfacing are often quite substantial, and only a few treatment sessions are needed to reach the desired effects.

Benefits of Fraxel:

Fraxel stimulates collagen formation and creates smoother, softer, suppler skin that looks youthful and healthy. Fine lines, sun spots and other sun damage are reduced, and the texture of the skin is improved. Some of the advantages of this treatment over older methods of laser resurfacing include:

  • Fewer side effects
  • Shorter recovery time
  • A more comfortable procedure

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