The Big 3: Top Causes of Belly Flab

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A flat tummy is an important goal for many women and men trying to tone up for summer, but unfortunately for many, a stubbornly “flabby” belly can impede self-confidence and restrict their enjoyment of their favorite activities. Belly flab has a variety of causes, so if your current tummy-flattening attempts do not seem effective, it may be time to take a step back and assess the causes – and find solutions.

1. Localized fat

  • Identify it: If you clench your stomach muscles, you can feel the loose areas of fat that typically rest between the skin and the abdominal muscle layer.
  • Know the cause: The body stores fat in different ways, for different reasons, and in some cases isolated patches of fat will not burn off even with rigorous exercise.
  • Correct it: Los Angeles laser liposuction is particularly effective on belly fat, and its firming and tightening effects help create a flatter, firmer-looking belly area. This option is not meant to replace diet and exercise, but for patients who are not seeing the results of their healthy habits, it can be a very effective means to tone and correct specific problem areas.

2. Loose or torn abdominal muscles

  • Identify it: When you clench your abdominal muscles, they do not tighten completely, and you have a “pooch” at the lower belly that your abdominal fat does not completely account for.
  • Know the cause: If you have had a child or lost a large amount of weight, your abdominal muscles may have loosened and torn. The “pooch” you see is where your internal organs are causing the loose muscles to push outward.
  • Correct it: Exercise is the obvious solution for loose muscles, but unfortunately exercise alone will not correct muscular tears. In most cases the most effective solution is a full or mini tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), which can also be combined with Los Angeles liposuction.

3. Overstretched skin

  • Identify it: You have a healthy weight, but wrinkles and folds create saggy areas below your navel; loose abdominal muscles may also add to the problem.
  • Know the cause: Especially after weight loss or childbirth, overstretched skin can fail to contract, creating saggy, “flabby”-looking areas that add to your apparent weight and obscure the lines of your physique.
  • Correct it: In extreme cases, a body lift may be necessary, but because this problem typically accompanies abdominal muscle looseness and / or localized abdominal fat, most patients have other options. In some cases, a tummy tuck alone is enough to tighten loose skin, and where fat is also a problem, the laser heat from laser liposuction procedures is known to help tighten mildly loose skin at the same time as it speeds up the liposuction recovery process.

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