Labiaplasty Explained

Learn more about labiaplasty from Milwaukee area plastic surgeon Dr. William Doubek.

I know that concerns about the most intimate areas of our bodies can be difficult to discuss, especially when there’s something we’re not happy about. It’s unfortunate, because talking openly about our questions and concerns is the necessary first step toward a solution. When it comes to genital rejuvenation, media coverage in recent years has helped women become more comfortable talking about their concerns at my cosmetic surgery practice in Milwaukee.

So, let’s talk about it – vaginal rejuvenation, that is. Also referred to as labiaplasty, this procedure can reduce, enlarge, or reshape the labia. Women often find themselves considering labiaplasty due to the changes that pregnancy or aging have caused or, in some cases, they have had concerns from early in life due to genetics. Overly large or stretched labia can cause both physical and emotional discomfort in almost any situation – from exercise to intimacy. Many women even begin to avoid some of their favorite things, like riding a bicycle, horseback riding and wearing tight clothes. A labiaplasty can change all that.

The labiaplasty procedure, when performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, does not limit sensation. A few days after the procedure, most women can return to light work and, in several weeks, more strenuous activity can be resumed.

When my labiaplasty patients are finished recovering from their surgery at my practice, they are thrilled with how much more confident and self-assured they are. They”re glad they had the courage to discuss this sensitive subject.

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