Can You Judge a Plastic Surgeon by Their Facility?

Tampa plastic surgeon Dr. Jeremy Benedetti discusses the quality of a provider's facility.

“You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Sure, we’ve heard it before, but how many of us really believe it? In our appearance-driven society, judging a book by its cover seems like a very natural reaction. What I’d like to address today is judging a plastic surgeon by the first impression you get when visiting his or her office. In other words, how important is it for a cosmetic surgeon to have an attractive office and surgical facility?

What Can It Tell Us?

Speaking from my own experience as a Tampa plastic surgeon, my office is a reflection of my personality. I try to stay on the leading edge of technology, yet maintain a warm and inviting approach. I’ve chosen just the right outpatient center for my office and surgical suites based on my own personal preferences. So, when you look at the Bardmoor Surgery Center where I perform procedures and the way I’ve decorated my office, it can give you an idea of what my personality and concept of beauty are.

However, while this may be the case for me, I’m certainly willing to accept the fact that other surgeons might not have the same attitude toward their physical space.

What’s More Important?

All other factors being equal, there are other things that have much greater importance – things you cannot tell by looking at the outside or inside of a surgeon’s facility. First, you have surgeon credentials. These are board certification, medical education, years of experience, and so forth. Second, you have surgical skill and the ability to produce beautiful results. To get an idea of this, you need to look at before & after photos or speak to prior patients. In addition, you need to have a certain rapport with a surgeon to make sure you are able to communicate your goals clearly.

I’d like to hear from you. Does your surgeon’s office reflect their personality and surgical results? Did the office space influence which surgeon you selected?

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