Natural Breast Augmentation: Worth It?

Natural Breast Augmentation: Worth It?

I perform a lot of breast augmentation procedures on San Jose women, and many of them are surprised to learn that breast enlargement without implants is often a viable option. This procedure, called a natural breast augmentation, uses fat grafting to increase the size and enhance the shape of the patient’s breasts. For some, removing unwanted fat from the abdomen, thighs, or other part of the body and adding it to the breasts is a great option. But there are certain considerations to make before deciding to undergo this type of breast augmentation, and many people wonder if it’s worth it for them.

Natural breast augmentation is an excellent way for women to add subtle, natural-looking enhancement to their breasts. Because this procedure uses the patient’s own fat, the risk of post-surgical complications is minimal, and there’s no risk of rupture, capsular contracture, or other issues that are associated with breast implants. Using fat instead of implants also creates a very natural-looking appearance and feel.

I prefer to perform natural breast augmentations as a series of small procedures rather than one large one. This small-volume elective liposuction transfer, which I call SVELT, carries several advantages. The transferred fat is more likely to stay in place when added gradually, and the staged nature of the procedure creates a more discreet experience. Patients may drive themselves to and from each appointment, there’s no surgical recovery time, and the results after each treatment are subtle enough that most people won’t notice.

Many women feel that this increase is just enough to fill out their favorite clothes and feel confident about their proportions without drawing attention to the fact that they’ve had breast augmentation.

Though natural augmentation isn’t the best match for everybody, it’s a safe, effective way for many women to have the increased breast volume they’ve always wanted.

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