How to Avoid BOTOX® Cosmetic Side Effects

How to Avoid BOTOX® Cosmetic Side Effects

It’s not uncommon to see stories on the news or photos in entertainment magazines of “bad BOTOX.” In these cases, patients end up with an unnatural look, drooping eyelids, or sometimes more serious medical problems. Although these side effects do happen rarely, this treatment is extremely safe and effective. Here’s how our highly trained and experienced doctors administer BOTOX at our Albany practice to reduce the risk of side effects:

  • Conservative doses: Many people erroneously think BOTOX itself is the cause of unnatural-looking results, but it’s more likely that too many units were used. An inexperienced person unfamiliar with BOTOX can easily misjudge the number of units needed for good results. That’s why at our practice, our surgeons are the ones who administer BOTOX to patients. We also use single-use bottles where each dose is mixed freshly for each patient, ensuring safety.
  • Careful application in very specific areas: BOTOX is an excellent choice for fine lines and wrinkles, particularly on the forehead and for crow’s feet around the eyes. It takes experience to know which areas are most appropriate for BOTOX and which areas and concerns are better suited for other products such as dermal fillers.
  • Only surgeons perform injections: Only surgeons truly understand the very complex underlying network of facial muscles, unlike some injectors who lack medical licenses. This knowledge means that they know exactly where to make the injections to achieve the best results. If you are considering getting BOTOX, make sure to check the credentials of your injector.

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