Breast Augmentation After Baby (Mommy Makeover)

As a mom myself, I know all too well the physical challenges of pregnancy. While it is tremendously worthwhile, having children can put your body through many tough changes, and I continue to see more and more women who aren’t quite happy with the way their breasts look after they’ve had a baby. Fortunately, many Houston breast enhancement options are available today.

Breast Augmentation

It’s no secret that a woman’s breasts tend to get bigger during pregnancy and nursing – and it’s also no secret that in many cases, the breasts will actually end up smaller than they were once a woman is no longer breastfeeding. Many moms enjoy the larger breast size they had or at least want to return to their pre-baby shape. What to do? In many cases, I will recommend breast augmentation in Houston.

  • Both silicone gel and saline implants are available in a variety of sizes for a custom look.
  • The surgery itself takes just a few hours and is performed on an outpatient basis, meaning you can return to your family the same day.
  • Using modern surgical techniques, just a few days of recovery are necessary following breast augmentation, so you can be back caring for your family well within a week.

In most cases, breast augmentation will not affect nipple sensation or the ability to breastfeed if you have additional children. It’s important to discuss your longer-term goals with your surgeon so he or she can plan your mommy makeover in light of these goals.

Other Ways to “Perk Up”

Breast augmentation certainly isn’t the only way to enhance the appearance of your breasts. If your breasts have begun to droop, a breast lift can restore their position and provide a more “perky” shape. Other women will want to consider a breast reduction after they are done having kids, especially if their large breasts are causing discomfort when they should be focused on taking the best possible care of their family.

The bottom line is simple: you can have beautiful breasts and a beautiful family too.

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