Homemade Cosmetics: Not Worth the Savings

Are homemade skincare products worth it?

Making your own cosmetic products at home seems like an attractive idea. There are a number of blogs and Pinterest results with recipes that tout DIY or homemade cosmetics as a simple and cost-effective alternative to purchasing products from skincare professionals. However, few of them provide much information about preserving the products, not to mention the time and effort it takes to compile the ingredients and actually whip up a batch of makeup. What’s worse, homemade products haven’t been tested and proven safe by a dermatologist.

At my Calgary practice, the No. 1 priority is the health of my patients’ skin. The cosmetic products available at my office and from other specialists are safer than ever. Cosmetic companies must meet strict government regulations about what can and cannot be included in products and must follow safe manufacturing guidelines. Using a properly formulated cosmetic that has a preservative system tested in a microbiological lab is safer than trying to properly preserve and store homemade cosmetics.

For example, recipes for homemade cosmetics often feature natural ingredients, sometimes including things we eat. What’s not considered is that food can rapidly turn rancid if preservatives aren’t used.

Yes, you can save money by making your own cosmetics. The question you should answer, however, is whether the savings are worth the time, effort, and potential harmful effects.

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