Hollywood and “Perfection”

According to a recent article in The New York Times, casting agents in Hollywood are now casting men and women who look more “natural.” This may come as a shock, mainly because Hollywood is notorious for excessive and outrageous plastic surgery. In the past, it seemed inevitable that actors and actresses would reach a point in their careers where plastic surgery was the only option to remain youthful and beautiful and land jobs. I for one am encouraged by the shift toward a look that is more “real,” especially since it helps my patients set more realistic beauty goals.

The new emphasis on “real” doesn’t necessarily mean that actors and actresses will suddenly give up plastic surgery. What’s more likely to happen is that they’ll be more judicious and conservative in the procedures they choose. Plenty of everyday Americans have had a plastic surgery procedure, and most do not look “fake” or contrived. As a Pensacola area plastic surgeon, I pride myself in creating results that appear natural. The trend in Hollywood can be seen at our practice as well: women and men are requesting a more natural look, regardless of the procedure they are interested in.

What is your opinion? I’d like to hear your thoughts about “real” vs. “fake” plastic surgery.

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