Hair Restoration: The Proof Is in the Photos

Selecting a qualified doctor to perform hair restoration surgery begins with only scheduling consultations with board-certified plastic surgeons. Even though many physicians offer hair replacement procedures, very few possess the training and experience necessary for the meticulous surgery. At La Jolla Hair Surgery Center, I’ve performed hair restoration surgery for nearly 30 years.

One way to gauge a surgeon’s experience and aesthetic sense is viewing before-and-after photos from a range of his or her past patients. Be wary of any specialist who doesn’t have before-and-after photos or offers only a limited selection. A good rule of thumb is to request at least 10 sets of photos. I offer an extensive variety of photos to patients who come in for a consultation, even beyond those on my website. These photos show patients at various stages of the treatment, so new patients can get a good idea of the process and they results they can expect.

Knowing what to look for in before-and-after photos is also important.

  • Photo angle, background, and lighting: Photos showing patients from different angles or with different backgrounds make it difficult to assess the actual results. Make sure the lighting and other conditions are similar for both the before and the after shots.
  • Clear view of hairline: Check that the hairline looks natural.
  • Photos of mid-anterior scalp: This is the area between the hairline and the crown.
  • Donor-area scars: Check photos of the back of the scalp where donor hair is harvested.

Even though before-and-after photos are an excellent resource, surgeons may also provide contact information for patients who have undergone hair restoration surgery. If possible, the patients should have similar hair and skin characteristics.

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