Gum Grafting Could Give You a New Reason to Smile

As a Beverly Hills periodontist, I’ve noticed there’s one highly beneficial procedure I offer that many patients may not know about it: gum grafting, and root coverage. For people with receding gums, there are often 2 concerns: the appearance of the teeth and the health of the teeth. It’s time to bring gum grafting out of the shadows and into the spotlight, because it deserves much more recognition for its benefits:

  • Appearance: Receding gums detract from your smile, making your teeth look longer, unhealthy and uncared for. This may affect your self-confidence and make you want to hide your smile.
  • Health: If it’s not treated, this condition can affect your dental health in some very serious ways. Receding gums is a manifestation of periodontal disease and bone loss, and the exposed tooth surface along the gum line may be more prone to cavities and causes sensitivity.

So there you have it. From enhancing your physical appearance and emotional well-being to restoring the health of your teeth and mouth, gum grafting can be one of the most worthwhile treatment choices available. I invite you to share your questions about it with me.

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