Hair Restoration So Good I Got It Myself

La Jolla plastic surgeon undergoes hair restoration treatment himself.

Many of the patients who come to my La Jolla hair restoration surgery center tell me about what I refer to as their “aha moment.” It’s that point when they realize it’s time to do something about their thinning hair. I empathize because I had just such an epiphany myself.

It was an innocent comment from one of my twin daughters, who was 12 at the time. She picked up my smartphone to take a picture of the back of my head while I was relaxing at home. Imagine my surprise when she said, “Look Daddy, you have a bald spot!”

I couldn’t picture myself bald and it didn’t fit with the image I had of myself. I actually started to feel older and began noticing the bald spot every time I passed a mirror. I’m an experienced plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist who’s been performing hair transplants since the 1980s. I’m well aware of how effective today’s advanced options are, so I decided that I would take the advice I’ve offered so many patients over the years.

I chose to use the NeoGraft® hair transplant system for my procedure because I saw the excellent results and easy recovery my patients experienced. I’m now probably one of the few hair restoration specialists in the country who has had hair transplant surgery — and talks about it openly. I wasn’t concerned about not being able to perform the surgery myself, because my hand-picked team is an integral part of every procedure I perform. I had complete confidence in their abilities.

The best part about undergoing hair restoration surgery is the difference I feel in my self-confidence. It’s a great feeling.

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