“Picking” Your Nose

If you are thinking about rhinoplasty in San Diego, you may be wondering, “What makes a ‘good’ nose job?” Knowing what to look for and what to expect is important when making big decision like cosmetic surgery. Here’s my advice:

Getting Started

A good nose job should enhance a person’s facial features rather than make the nose the focal point. Search for before and after photos to see real patient cases. Look for balance and subtleness; if the new nose looks too thin or angular, or if it appears out of proportion with the rest of the face, you’ve found a bad result.

Remember that noses come in all shapes and sizes, and each individual result will be different. You might like a particular look or photo, but you have to consider your own bone structure and facial features. Simply choosing a nose off the page or picking one out of a magazine is not realistic. Look for a patient who has your similar bone structure and surgical goals.

Behind the Scenes

Although pictures can be helpful, there is a lot more to a successful rhinioplasty than just aesthetics. What happened before, after, and during the surgery is critical. Did your surgeon thoroughly explain the procedure and discuss realistic expectation for your surgical results? Did he or she monitor your recovery time to make sure you are healing properly? Make sure you are in good hands and with a surgeon you trust.

The End Result

Rhinoplasty done right should improve your appearance, not drastically change it. Your new nose should be symmetrical and “blend” with your facial features. Any incisions should be camouflaged. If you suffered from a deviated septum or had problems breathing, your symptoms should improve or completely subside after the procedure.

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