Get the Most Out of Your “Past Patient” Meeting

Breast enhancement surgery is an important decision and should not be taken lightly. When I meet with surgical candidates, I want them to be as informed as possible about their procedure options and outcomes. This is one reason I encourage many women considering breast enhancement to talk with past patients who have undergone a similar breast enhancement surgery at my Tampa, Florida practice.

Ask about Expectations

Find out what kind of expectations the patient had about the doctor and the procedure. Finding out how those expectations were met, or why they changed over time, will give you a better idea of how to think about your own expectations for your procedure and results. Their answers should also give you a better idea of the ways the patient did (or didn’t) feel prepared for the procedure, and what they wished they had known beforehand.

Get Research Tips

Unfortunately, some breast enhancement surgery patients in Tampa, Florida go into surgery knowing very little about their surgeon or their options. Generally, this makes for less-happy patients, but surgeons and past patients can both give you practical tips for how to find out more about your procedure ahead of time. These questions also give you an idea if the past patient based their choice – and opinion about their results – on impulse, rather than accurate information about the doctor’s credentials and the facility’s quality of care.

Find Out about the Transition Process

Recovery is very important physically for my Tampa breast augmentation patients, but also is a key time for you to acclimate yourself mentally and emotionally to the new you. Patients tend to feel best about their surgical outcome when they involve their closest family and friends in the process, so this is another area where suggestions can help.

Keep in mind that every person’s experience with cosmetic surgery is unique, and that it’s not enough to choose a surgeon just because that particular surgeon met that particular person’s needs. Find a surgeon whose capabilities and approach match your goals.

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