Four Ways to an Attractive Abdomen

Whether you”re thinking about wearing a bathing suit, swimming trunks, a tight t-shirt, or a fitted dress, a soft, bulgy middle can make you hesitate. As an Orange County plastic surgeon, I strive to help my patients look their very best. If we both do our part, it”s quite possible to have an abdomen you”ll be proud to show off in whatever you decide to wear.

Lifestyle: This is absolutely essential for flat abs and trim waistline. By eating right and exercising regularly, you naturally reduce body fat and tone your muscles. It also helps to get plenty of sleep so your body can heal and help keep your weight stable.

Tummy tuck: After you’ve done your part, you might still be unhappy with your midsection – this is often due to loose skin and separated abdominal muscles. For these concerns, dieting and crunches have little effect. For many of these people, the only way to achieve the desired improvement is through surgery such as a tummy tuck. I customize each tummy tuck in my Orange County practice to the patient”s needs. I consider the amount of stretched skin, whether the majority of the excess skin is above or below the belly button (or both), and whether the patient”s abdominal muscles have stretched or separated. For many patients, these concerns can be surgically repaired, often with thin scars that can be concealed by clothing.

Liposuction: Although it is intended to remove small deposits of excess fat, liposuction is not meant to be a “get slim quick” scheme. Once you”re at or near your ideal weight, liposuction can give you the fine-tuning that”s so difficult to achieve on your own. A more refined form of liposuction called “abdominal etching” can sculpt away fat deposits between the ab muscles and reveal the “six-pack” hidden below.

Body lift: In cases of extreme weight loss, you might need to get rid of excess skin all the way around your midsection with a body lift. While this highly individualized procedure does involve scars, we try to conceal them as much as possible. For many patients, the trade-off in a firm shape is worth the thin, fine scars.

While there are many factors that can sidetrack your body, there”s no reason to give up. When you work as a team with your plastic surgeon, it”s possible to regain an attractive, firm abdomen that will likely improve your confidence as well.

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