Flaunt Your Flaws

When I perform cosmetic surgery on my Houston patients, my goal isn’t to make them all look alike or to fit a mold. Overwhelmingly, my patients tell me it’s not their goal to look like somebody else — they simply want to look like better versions of themselves.

In the past, plastic surgery patients often wished for the nose or the legs of a particular celebrity. That seems to be the case less and less these days. Instead, many of today’s patients are after unconventional beauty that showcases intriguing, unique characteristics. As a plastic surgeon, I enjoy and embrace the challenge of highlighting these traits and treating each patient as an individual.

The current trend of flaunting flaws began picking up steam at last year’s Fashion Week in New York. This article introduces us to the French expression “jolie laide,” used to describe people who are unconventionally beautiful, with striking features that make you take a second look. (Think of gapped teeth, prominent noses, and wide-set eyes.)

For me, respecting my patients’ unique characteristics and working to preserve their individuality isn’t just a fleeting trend — it’s the principle on which I’ve built my entire practice.

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