Finding a Cosmetic Enhancement Community

When you’re investing your time and money in cosmetic enhancements, you deserve an exceptional level of care. You should be treated like a friend, not just a consumer. At my practice, we try to create a comfortable, familiar atmosphere where patients feel they have the support of a community of cosmetic professionals. Aesthetic treatments and plastic surgery at my Tampa Bay-area center are only a part of what we consider a lasting relationship.

If you’re researching a plastic surgery practice and want to make sure you’ll receive exceptional care, here are 3 important factors that can markedly enhance your experience:

  • Good follow-ups: A beautiful surgical outcome is dependent on many factors, and a successful surgery day is only a single component. Proper care after surgery can enhance the results and contribute to healthier, happier patients. Regular follow-up appointments and a doctor who is easily reachable by phone or email serve to remind a patient that a strong network of support is never far away.
  • Physician-supervised medical spas: Non-surgical medical spa services seem to be opening everywhere. While it’s tempting to undergo one of these treatments at your general practitioner’s office or a salon, choosing a medical spa that’s supervised by a board-certified plastic surgeon and staffed by highly trained, certified medical professionals can make a big difference in the level of care offered. These individuals possess years of experience and the requisite skills and knowledge to maximize the safety and effectiveness of even minor treatments. If you’ve undergone cosmetic surgery, choosing your surgeon’s practice for these services will offer a truly comprehensive level of care.
  • A progressive approach: The field of plastic surgery is constantly changing, and new techniques, services and products are continually developing. A great plastic surgeon stays at the forefront of the field, regularly updating his or her skills and making sure his or her practice stays competitive. This includes keeping our patients in the loop with a regularly-updated Facebook page or a newsletter that provides plenty of easy-to-understand, usable information. Keeping our skills sharp isn’t about following trends – it’s about changing with the times and offering our patients access to the safest and most effective treatments available.

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