Facts and Fiction about Breast Enhancement Recovery

I find that many of my patients who are curious about breast enhancement in Chicago have a variety of questions regarding their recovery process. Due to better, more refined surgical techniques, many post-operative complications have been minimized and, in some cases, eliminated.

Below are some facts and fictions regarding your recovery from breast enhancement surgery:

Myth #1: You’ll be in a lot of pain after surgery.

Truth: When I perform breast enhancement using a rapid recovery technique, my patients can often manage discomfort with over-the-counter pain relievers like Tylenol and Motrin. By minimizing trauma to the breasts, creating the implant pocket under direct vision, and providing detailed post-surgical exercises, much of the discomfort following surgery can be reduced or eliminated.

Myth #2: An uncomfortable support bra, binding, or wrapping must be worn after surgery.

Truth: My rapid recovery technique does not require tight undergarments and allows the implants to settle into their natural position more quickly in the case of augmentation. Other types of breast enhancement surgery may require other options. Be sure to discuss your situation with your surgeon during your consultation.

Myth #3: At least 2 weeks of recovery time are needed after a breast enhancement.

Truth: Your recovery from breast enhancement surgery should be as quick and comfortable as possible. Different procedures vary with regard to recovery time. My patients are often able to return to their daily routine in 1 or 2 days. Additionally, you are allowed unrestricted movement of your arms immediately.

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