Fun Facts About Arm Lifts

Fun Facts About Arm Lifts

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®, arm lift procedures have skyrocketed in recent years around the U.S. This is a trend I’ve seen personally at my Boston cosmetic surgery practice.

Here are some highlights from the ASPS:

  • Out of the 15,457 arm lifts done in 2012, only 321 were done on men.
  • Upper arm lifts in women are up 4,378% from 2000 to 2012.
  • When asked whose arms they most wanted their own to look like, most women said Michelle Obama and Jennifer Aniston.

I’m not surprised that more women are turning to this effective procedure to remove excess fat and skin, but it is a little shocking to see how dramatically the numbers increased over the past decade or so.

When patients come to my practice with questions regarding arm lift techniques, I explain that each person should have a customized treatment plan according to his or her exact needs. Regardless of the technique, I minimize the appearance of scars and hide incisions in inconspicuous locations. Ultimately, the goal of each arm lift procedure is to create a firm, more toned appearance.   

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