Facials: Results or Relaxation?

Facials are often associated with the concept of a “spa day” – all relaxation, minimal results. The truth is, while facials certainly can help people relax, they also do a whole lot more – that is, if they”re performed by a qualified professional.

What Can They Do?

So, what can facials actually do? In general, they improve skin tone and texture. More specifically, they can:

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Reduce acne
  • Diminish fine lines
  • Soothe irritation
  • Restore hydration

Then, of course, there”s the whole experience of getting a spa treatment like a facial. It”s peaceful and relaxing, a great way to pamper yourself. Facials are also often combined with massage and other fun spa services.

Getting the Most from Your Facial

When performed by a skilled dermatologist, facials can be customized for each patient. So be sure to choose a physician who has the experience to help you accomplish your goals with medically-sound San Diego facial rejuvenation procedures. Also, keep up with the at-home regimen recommended by your dermatologist and return for any follow-up or maintenance treatments.

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