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Florida blepharoplasty surgeon discusses the surgery.

Mysteries are attractive, and to a facial plastic surgeon in Naples, Florida, it’s clear that the real sign of a successful facelift is that a stranger cannot tell that you have had cosmetic work at all. Recently, a few media outlets have hailed Madonna as the “new face” of plastic surgery, and while it may seem like there’s a new “it” girl every month, you can see why Madonna’s name has come up in beauty circles for so many decades – she continues to look fantastic at any age. Her skin appears full and elastic rather than tightly pulled, and although she has not admitted to having any cosmetic surgery, her skin quality and the fullness of her cheeks are unusual for a woman of 50. Part of what’s so attractive about her plastic surgery (assuming she has had something done) is that she shows none of the signs people used to associate with plastic surgery: the taut, shiny, and unexpressive features of Priscilla Presley, or the oddly high brows of Nicole Kidman, Kenny Rogers, and Patrick Swayze, which are disappointing not only because they demonstrate poor plastic surgery choices, but also because they rob these familiar faces of some of the personality that we knew.

How New Techniques Can Help You to a Fresh, Natural Look

What’s most striking about Madonna is not her lack of wrinkles, but how genuinely young she seems. Although she has some fine lines around her mouth, she still maintains the attractive long-heart face shape of women like Courtney Cox, with her prominent cheekbones. Cox’s lips may possibly have been augmented, but overall her look is vibrant and natural. I think Madonna embodies a new emphasis on natural beauty that is helping change the expectations people have when they meet with their facial plastic surgeon. Naples, Florida practices such as my own are implementing technologies that allow us to hide wrinkles and sagginess, but also treat facial muscles and tissues in ways that encourage them to look younger naturally. While liposuction and face lifts used to be highly invasive procedures, smaller cannulas, advances in ultrasound and laser technology, and less-invasive options such as SurgiWire™ allow me to minimize the effects of time significantly without sacrificing the facial energy and expression that make you unique. As the younger, fuller look of genuine health is becoming more popular, injectable fillers and procedures that revitalize the skin are in higher demand than ever at my practice.

Find a Plastic Surgeon Who Respects Your Needs

When evaluating doctors who can provide a more “natural” result, focus on their sensitivity to your individual needs and their ability to plan each procedure for your unique facial structure. In addition, technical skill and accreditation are greatly important. Your surgeon must be able to show pictures of the natural results he or she has achieved, and actively participate in local and national organizations in order to keep up to date on the latest technologies. Even more, your facial plastic surgeon in Naples, Florida, should be able to suggest ways that you can enhance your natural beauty without an “extreme makeover.” I’m excited to see the media picking up on the fact that a more natural look is becoming more popular, because it means that more people will recognize what plastic surgery is all about: clarifying and refreshing your appearance to help you look more like the way you feel inside.

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