Facelift with Autologous Fat Transfer: Enhanced Natural Results

As a plastic surgeon near Seattle, I have been very gratified by the healthy, natural results that are achieved with incorporating fat transfer into facelift procedures.

Facelift and other facial rejuvenation procedures can do a great deal to restore a youthful appearance to the face and neck. These procedures eliminate redundant (loose) tissues, resulting in a firmer, smoother look.

What facial procedures such as facelift cannot do is restore lost volume. With age, the face loses volume, making features look diminished or causing areas such as the cheeks to look hollow, or lips thin and atrophied. For most patients, fat transfer can effectively and naturally restore facial volume resulting in a more healthy and vibrant appearance.

Successful and effective autologous fat transfer is truly a surgical art. It is important to seek out a surgeon who has the right training and experience who can properly assess your facial structure and create natural-looking results.

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