Facelift Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

There are numerous reasons why so many women in Dallas choose facelift surgery to give themselves a younger appearance. How much do you really know about the procedure? Take this short quiz and find out.

1. True or False: Facelift surgery gives a tighter appearance to the whole face.

Answer: False.

Facelift surgery typically only improves the lower half of the face. This procedure is best for reducing deep wrinkles that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth (laugh lines) and sculpting more defined jaw and neck lines. To enhance the upper face, a brow lift or eyelid surgery is usually most effective.

2. True or False: There are many types of facelift surgery.

Answer: True.

Surgeons can customize facelift surgery to accommodate various needs. For example, I offer the traditional facelift, as well as the short-scar and mid-facelift procedures. I can recommend the one that will best achieve the patient’s desired level of improvement and will work best with the individual’s skin characteristics.

3. True or False: Facelift scars are always placed along the hairline and in front of and behind the ears.

Answer: False.

Although facelift scars are traditionally placed in this pattern, newer approaches can minimize visible signs of surgery. Where the incisions are made will depend on the type of facelift surgery, the patient’s anatomy and the surgeon’s preferences.

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